Benjamin Frederic Snyder, 1918

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Benjamin Frederic /Snyder/
Given names
Benjamin Frederic
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1918 39 36
Birth of a sister
Death of a maternal grandfather
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Note: Birth: Apr. 24, 1856

Birth: Apr. 24, 1856
Poznan, Poland
Death: Apr. 16, 1938
Alameda County
California, USA

August Karl Rauhut was born in Zduny, Krotoschin, Province of Posen, Prussia (Part of Germany became Poland) in 1856. He changed his name to Charles August Rauhut after he came to America in 1876. Carl first came to Virginia City, Nevada and lived with his brother Robert who was a barber at a bath house. Carl sent for his first cousin, Christine, to come to America and be his wife. They were married in Virginia City in 1879. Their first child, Clara Virgina (Snyder), was born in 1881 and after a few years they moved to Benecia where Carl operated a merchandise store. Their second daughter, Cecil, was born in Benecia in 1890. They had six other children that died as infants. Carl moved to San Francisco where he was the owner of Reynolds Woman's Underwear store. After the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906 Carl left the city and relocated in Oakland where he helped his cousins with their business. When Christine died in 1911, Carl remarried a year later to Bertha Schultz. They had a son, Herman Carl Rauhut, born in 1914. Bertha died in 1924 and Carl married Ethel Denroche in 1929. Carl died in Oakland in 1938, eight days short of his eighty-second birthday.

Mountain View Cemetery
Alameda County
California, USA

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Death of a brother
Family with parents
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Birth: May 9, 1878 41 Arnettsville, Monongahlia Co, West Virginia
Death: September 4, 1940Oakland, Alameda, California
Actes/USA/California/San_Francisco/1881-1960 p Clara Virginia Rauhut 2.jpg
Birth: May 30, 1881 25 23 Virginia City, Storey, Nevada
Occupation: pianistabout 1900
Death: June 23, 1960San Francisco, California, USA
Marriage MarriageMay 7, 1912San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA
8 months
elder brother
Actes/USA/California/San_Francisco/Jack Emerson Snyder 1913-1991.jpg
Birth: January 7, 1913 34 31 San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Death: April 14, 1991King City, Oregon, USA
16 months
elder brother
Actes/USA/California/San_Francisco/1915-00-00 p Robert + Clara V Rauhut San Francisco.jpg
Birth: April 25, 1914 35 32 San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Death: October 13, 1997Lac la Biche, Alberta, CANADA
5 years
22 months
younger sister
Birth: November 1, 1919 41 38 San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Death: October 31, 1974California, USA
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Marie Albertine Clémentine Mellangé (1900–2004) Elisabeth Tomiczna (1891–1939) Arthur Milcent (–) Christa Rauhut (1932–) Otto William Rauhut (1888–1986) Fred John Emil Rauhut (1892–1953) René Gasnier (1904–1996) Maria Emilie Deguille (1881–1973) Joseph René Fernand Maupillier (1919–1945) Felix Clément Monpillier + Marie Juliette Plais Clara Virginia Rauhut (1881–1960) Jean Julien Baptiste Deschâtre (1859–1939) André Julien Deschâtre (1918–1992) Jeanne Hélène Henriette Milcent (1914–1990) Jeanne Louise Grillet (1874–1967) Jean-Claude Gasnier (1935–2010) Edmond Marie Gustave Pierre Maupilier (1907–1975) Jacques Albert Raymond Annonciade Catois (1937–1980) Jeanne Louise Grillet (1874–1967) Adèle-Aurélie Moreau (1875–1942) Yvette Launay (1927–2015) Louis Gasnier (1838–1928) Jacques René Paul Gasnier (1947–) Herman Bomers + Olga Thiele Dr. Horst Wilfried Rauhut (1930–2011) Jacques Louis Maupillier (1777–1857) Auguste François Maupiler (1866–1924) Jeanne Hélène Henriette Milcent (1914–1990) Jeanne Hélène Henriette Milcent (1914–1990) Milton Lewis + Joan P Rauhut Radegonde Deguille (1892–1934) Marion Victoria Rauhut (1917–1991) Karl Johann Rauhut (1868–1935) Jeanne Louise Grillet (1874–1967) Ernst Albrecht Erdmann von Glasow (1851–1927) Ernst Albrecht Erdmann von Glasow (1851–1927) Heinz Gutzeit (1939–2021) Jeanne Deschâtre (1913–2006) Eugénie Deguille (1876–) Jeanne Deschâtre (1913–2006) Christian Riekhof (1872–1934) Camille Routet (–) Auguste François Maupiler (1866–1924) Célestine Soulaigre (1857–1923) Helen J Dittmann (1908–2000) Johann August Rauhut (1851–1896) Jeanne Deschâtre (1913–2006) Clémence Marie Augustine Oger (1889–1973) Klara Rauhut (1886–1972) Helga-Ursula Rauhut (1925–2021) Simone Marie Thérèse Augustine Milcent (1920–) Regina Kneist (1957–2020)