Elizabeth Adams, 18621915 (aged 52 years)

Elizabeth /Adams/
Given names
Birth November 28, 1862 34 26
Birth of a sisterJane Anne Adams
about 1867 (aged 4 years)

Guerre franco-allemande
from July 19, 1870 to January 29, 1871 (aged 8 years)

Note: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guerre_franco-allemande_de_1870
Régime politique
IIIe République
September 4, 1870 (aged 7 years)

Death of a paternal grandmotherMargaret
before 1871 (aged 8 years)
Birth of a brotherJohn Adams
about 1871 (aged 8 years)

2ème président de la République Française
Adolphe Thiers
August 31, 1871 (aged 8 years)

3ème président de la République Française
Patrice de Mac-Mahon
May 24, 1873 (aged 10 years)

MarriageCharles Horace SchermerhornView this family
July 3, 1876 (aged 13 years)
Birth of a daughterMary Jane Vanpelt Schermerhorn
September 23, 1877 (aged 14 years)
4ème président de la République Française
Jules Grévy
January 30, 1879 (aged 16 years)

Birth of a daughterAlice May Schermerhorn
June 24, 1879 (aged 16 years)
Birth of a sonSamuel Van Pelt Schermerhorn
December 2, 1880 (aged 18 years)
Birth of a sonCharles Frederick Schermerhorn
December 24, 1882 (aged 20 years)
Birth of a daughterElizabeth Schermerhorn
November 27, 1884 (aged 21 years)
Birth of a sonJohn Schermerhorn
November 2, 1886 (aged 23 years)
5ème président de la République Française
Sadi Carnot
December 3, 1887 (aged 25 years)

6ème président de la République Française
Jean Casimir-Perier
June 27, 1894 (aged 31 years)

7ème président de la République Française
Félix Faure
January 17, 1895 (aged 32 years)

8ème président de la République Française
Emile Loubet
February 18, 1899 (aged 36 years)

Birth of a sonLouis Thomas Norwood
December 19, 1899 (aged 37 years)
Séparation des Églises et de l’État Française
Loi du 9 décembre 1905 relative à la séparation des Églises et de l’État
December 9, 1905 (aged 43 years)

9ème président de la République Française
Armand Fallières
February 18, 1906 (aged 43 years)

Marriage of a childJohn SchermerhornOnyx AuchampaughView this family
June 1907 (aged 44 years)
Death of a husbandCharles Horace Schermerhorn
December 13, 1907 (aged 45 years)
Marriage of a childSamuel Van Pelt SchermerhornLouisa View this family
July 9, 1910 (aged 47 years)
10ème président de la République Française
Raymond Poincaré
February 18, 1913 (aged 50 years)

Death June 20, 1915 (aged 52 years)
Family with parents
Marriage: about 1853Ontario, CANADA
Death: April 30, 1929Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
Birth: November 28, 1862 34 26Ontario, CANADA
Death: June 20, 1915Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
-8 years
elder brother
5 years
elder sister
10 years
younger sister
5 years
younger brother
Family with Louis Theodore Norwood
Birth: November 28, 1862 34 26Ontario, CANADA
Death: June 20, 1915Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Birth: December 19, 1899 37Watertown, Jefferson Co., New York
Family with Charles Horace Schermerhorn
Birth: August 24, 1854 32 30Odessa, Ontario, CANADA
Death: December 13, 1907Portsmouth, Ontario, CANADA
Birth: November 28, 1862 34 26Ontario, CANADA
Death: June 20, 1915Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Marriage: July 3, 1876Sunbury, Storrington, Ontario, CANADA
9 years
Birth: November 27, 1884 30 21Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
Death: August 20, 1954San Gabriel, California, USA
-7 years
21 months
18 months
Birth: December 2, 1880 26 18Odessa, Ontario, CANADA
Death: July 26, 1957
2 years
Birth: December 24, 1882 28 20Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
Death: February 12, 1956
4 years
Birth: November 2, 1886 32 23Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
Occupation: Electrician
Death: November 23, 1945New York, USA


Over the years I have attempted to locate any records on the parents of Elizabeth Adams, wife of Charles Horace Schermerhorn. The ancestor sheet completed by Elsie Brown indicates that her parents are John Adams and Lydia Spooner. The source of this information is unknown. We know that a genealogy paper completed at the request of Samuel Schermerhorn by a "professional" researcher is in error by indicating that our Schermerhorn ancestors in Canada go back to the loyalist, William Schermerhorn.

Although I have found several persons by the name of John Adams during my search there was nothing found to link them to Elizabeth Adams, Lydia Spooner, this area, or is of the correct age. I have searched many records of the entire area of Kingston and Storrington Township with negative results.

I have searched all census records in the areas that our ancestors were known to have lived. I could not locate any family that had John Adams with wife Lydia and child Elizabeth. Recently I began a to look at the census records of the area again. Census were taken in 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881?. Early Canadian census records were considered with caution as to their accuracy as many people were apparently unwilling to give complete information.

Starting with the 1861 census I searched Storrington Township as this is where the Schermerhorn family now lived and where Charles Schermerhorn married Elizabeth Adams. This time I searched for only entries listing Elizabeth Adams. I did find the following entry. The only one with Elizabeth Adams. Charles Adams??.Laborer??.27 Linda Adams????????.26 Margaret Adams???????60??.born Scotland..widowed (mother) James Adams????????..7 Margaret Adams???????.3 Elizabeth Adams???????.1 They were living in a one story log house.

I checked the same family in the 1871 census and found: Charles Adams??Farm laborer?45?Irish Sophia Adams????????..39 James Adams?????????11 Margaret Adams????????.9 Elizabeth Adams????????.7 Jane Anne Adams???????..4 John Adams??????????9mo This is the same family despite the age discrepancies as listed in the 1861 census. However, did Linda die and Charles remarry or is "Sophia" Linda?s middle name? I believe this is Linda or Lydia.

The above entries were the only ones listing Elizabeth Adams in Storrington Township and Linda was as close as I could get to Lydia. I then decided to check the 1851 census to see if I could find a Linda Spooner of the correct age, noting that Lydia?s recorded maiden name is Spooner. In the 1851 census I found the following entry of the same residence: James Adams??Laborer??.25 Charles Adams?..Laborer??.23 Margaret Adams??????.57?..Scotland?Widow.(mother) Lindy Spooner???????15?..(Living in the household but checked as not member of family)

This entry, coupled with the other census records, has convinced me that this Charles Adams and Lindy (Linda) Spooner Adams are in fact the parents of the Elizabeth Adams who married Charles Schermerhorn. That in fact her father?s name is Charles Adams not John Adams and mother?s name is Lindy, Linda, Lydia, or possibly Sophia. The mother of Charles Adams is Margaret Adams, born in Scotland in 1794.