James Bole, 18321908 (aged 76 years)

James Bole
Given names
Birth February 1832 45 36

Birth of a sisterMatilda Sarah Jane Bole
about 1833 (aged 0)
Birth of a brotherWilliam Gray Bole
January 7, 1834 (aged 1 year)
Régime politique
Gouvernement Provisoire de 1848
February 25, 1848 (aged 16 years)

Régime politique
IIe République
November 4, 1848 (aged 16 years)

1er président de la République Française
Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte
December 10, 1848 (aged 16 years)

Empereur des Français
Napoléon III
December 4, 1852 (aged 20 years)

Death of a fatherDavid Bole
July 29, 1870 (aged 38 years)
Guerre franco-allemande
from July 19, 1870 to January 29, 1871 (aged 38 years)

Note: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guerre_franco-allemande_de_1870
Régime politique
IIIe République
September 4, 1870 (aged 38 years)

2ème président de la République Française
Adolphe Thiers
August 31, 1871 (aged 39 years)

3ème président de la République Française
Patrice de Mac-Mahon
May 24, 1873 (aged 41 years)

Death of a motherMargaret Gray
June 24, 1874 (aged 42 years)
4ème président de la République Française
Jules Grévy
January 30, 1879 (aged 46 years)

Death of a sisterMargaret Bole
September 16, 1879 (aged 47 years)
5ème président de la République Française
Sadi Carnot
December 3, 1887 (aged 55 years)

Death of a brotherMathew Alexander Bole
September 24, 1890 (aged 58 years)
6ème président de la République Française
Jean Casimir-Perier
June 27, 1894 (aged 62 years)

7ème président de la République Française
Félix Faure
January 17, 1895 (aged 62 years)

Death of a brotherDavid Bole
April 5, 1898 (aged 66 years)
8ème président de la République Française
Emile Loubet
February 18, 1899 (aged 67 years)

Death of a brotherWilliam Gray Bole
August 9, 1904 (aged 72 years)
Death of a brotherJohn Bole
January 30, 1905 (aged 72 years)
Séparation des Églises et de l’État Française
Loi du 9 décembre 1905 relative à la séparation des Églises et de l’État
December 9, 1905 (aged 73 years)

9ème président de la République Française
Armand Fallières
February 18, 1906 (aged 74 years)

Death May 14, 1908 (aged 76 years)
Family with parents
Birth: about 1787County Mayo, Connacht, IRELAND
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Death: July 29, 1870Newport, County Mayo, Connacht
Birth: about 1796 (IV) 46County Mayo, Connacht, IRELAND
Death: June 24, 1874Newport, County Mayo, Connacht
Marriage: about 1818County Mayo, Connacht, IRELAND
14 years
Birth: February 1832 45 36Newport, County Mayo, Connacht
Occupation: Bookkeeper
Death: May 14, 1908Berkeley, Alameda, California
2 years
younger brother
Birth: January 7, 1834 47 38County Mayo, Connacht, IRELAND
Occupation: Merchant/Store Owner
Death: August 9, 1904Alameda, California, USA
-15 years
elder brother
Birth: April 1, 1819 32 23County Mayo, Connacht, IRELAND
Occupation: Merchant/Shopkeeper
Death: January 30, 1905Castlebar, County Mayo, Connacht
11 years
elder brother
Birth: January 24, 1830 43 34Belclare, County Mayo, Connacht
Death: April 5, 1898San Francisco, California, USA
-13 months
elder sister
Birth: about 1828 41 32Newport, County Mayo, Connacht
Death: September 16, 1879Knappagh, County Mayo, Connacht
6 years
younger sister
Birth: about 1833 46 37County Mayo, Connacht, IRELAND
Death: March 19, 1909Castlebar, County Mayo, Connacht
-9 years
elder brother
Birth: March 6, 1824 37 28Newport, County Mayo, Connacht
Death: September 24, 1890Finchley, London, England
4 years
elder sister
Birth: November 3, 1827 40 31Newport, County Mayo, Connacht
Death: March 21, 1913Dublin, County Dublin, Leinster

James Bole, the fourth son of David Bole and Margaret Gray, was apparently born in Newport, County Mayo in February 1832. He appears to have been the first of the Bole family to emigrate to the United States. He arrived in Philadelphia in 1858 and subsequently settled in San Francisco. In 1870 he was a successful bookkeeper and importer in San Francisco. He owned his own house valued at $2500 and had personal property valued at $500. This same year his niece, Margaret Jane Bole and her new husband, John Henderson, arrived in San Francisco from Ireland and moved in with him. James Bole never married and by 1900, he was listed as an inmate in the Alameda Sanitarium, 2112 San Jose Ave., Alameda. Bookkeeping was still listed as his occupation indicating that he may have been confined for medical reasons, such as tuberculosis which was the accepted practice of that time. About 1904, James Bole moved into a residence at 2313 Hilgard Ave., Berkeley. This appears to be the home of Margaret E Blean. He died at this residence on May 14, 1908 following a broken hip. He was buried in the Cypress Lawn Cemetery, Colma, California. Margaret E. Blean, daughter of William Blean and Margaret Bole, provided the information for the death certificate.