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1879-03-16 + Johann Friedrich Rauhut Kobylin 35.jpg

Johann Friedrich RauhutAge: 9 years18691879

Johann Friedrich Rauhut
Given names
Johann Friedrich
Birth calculated September 1869 28 22
Historical Event
Transcontinental Railroad completed

Note: The First Transcontinental Railroad was a 1,907-mile contiguous railroad line constructed between 1863 and 1869 across the western United States to connect the Pacific coast with the existing Eastern U.S. rail network - http://goo.gl/Xafdg5
Birth of a sisterJohanna Caroline Rauhut
August 22, 1874 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a brotherErnst August Rauhut
September 2, 1876 (Age 7 years)
Birth of a brotherJohann Andreas Rauhut
June 15, 1877 (Age 7 years)
Birth of a sisterAnna Bertha Rauhut
calculated August 1878 (Age 8 years)
Death of a sisterAnna Bertha Rauhut
October 4, 1878 (Age 9 years)
Historical Event
Yellow Fever Epidemic
1878 (Age 8 years)

Note: Over 13,000 deaths occurred from yellow fever in lower Mississippi Valley - http://goo.gl/9lEiEH
Death March 16, 1879 (Age 9 years)
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Marriage: January 24, 1864ev. Gemeinde, Kobylin, Posen, PREUSSEN
6 years
1879-03-16 + Johann Friedrich Rauhut Kobylin 35.jpgJohann Friedrich Rauhut
Birth: calculated September 1869 28 22Dlugolcka, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen
Death: March 16, 1879Dlugolcka, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen
5 years
younger sister
2 years
younger brother
9 months
younger brother
15 months
younger sister
1878-10-04 + Anna Bertha Rauhut Kobylin 96.jpgAnna Bertha Rauhut
Birth: calculated August 1878 37 31Dlugolcka, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen
Death: October 4, 1878Dlugolcka, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen
7 years
younger brother
younger brother
1885-06-10 n Alfred Rauhut Zduny 113.jpgAlfred Rauhut
Birth: June 10, 1885 44 38Baschkow, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen
Death: August 18, 1885Baschkow, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen



Death1879-03-16 + Johann Friedrich Rauhut Kobylin 35.jpg
1879-03-16 + Johann Friedrich Rauhut Kobylin 35.jpg
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  1. Generation 1
    1. Johann Friedrich Rauhut

      Johann Friedrich Rauhut, son of Gottfried Friedrich Rauhut and Christiane Kulse, was born calculated September 1869 in Dlugolcka, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen and died on March 16, 1879 in Dlugolcka, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen.