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Ernstine KunertAge: 28 years18791908

Ernstine Kunert
Given names
Married name
Ernstine Rauhut
Birth September 29, 1879
Historical Event
Spanish-American War
between April 1898 and August 1898 (Age 18 years)
Note: The Spanish-American War was a conflict in 1898 between Spain and the United States, the result of American intervention in the Cuban War of Independence - http://goo.gl/AZzZyH
MarriageFriedrich RauhutView this family
before 1900 (Age 20 years)

Birth of a son
Adolf Paul Rauhut
April 8, 1900 (Age 20 years)
Birth of a daughter
Frieda Grete Rauhut
July 19, 1908 (Age 28 years)
Death after 1908 (Age 28 years)

  1. Generation 1
    1. Ernstine Kunert was born on September 29, 1879 in Dlugolenka, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen and died after 1908. She married Friedrich Rauhut before 1900. He was born on December 24, 1872 in Kobylin, Posen, PREUSSEN.

      Children of Ernstine Kunert and Friedrich Rauhut:

      1. Adolf Paul Rauhut (1900)
      2. Frieda Grete Rauhut (1908)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Adolf Paul Rauhut

      Adolf Paul Rauhut, son of Friedrich Rauhut and Ernstine Kunert, was born on April 8, 1900 in Dlugolenka, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn), Posen.

    2. Frieda Grete Rauhut

      Frieda Grete Rauhut, daughter of Friedrich Rauhut and Ernstine Kunert, was born on July 19, 1908 in Posen (Poznań), Posen, PREUSSEN.