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1885-01-16 + Anna Elisabeth Rauhut Reisen 15.jpg

Anna Elisabeth RauhutAge: 2 months18841885

Anna Elisabeth Rauhut
Given names
Anna Elisabeth
Birth calculated November 1884 29 28
Death January 16, 1885 (Age 2 months)
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Marriage: November 9, 1880Reisen (Rydzyna), Lissa (Lezno), Posen, PREUSSEN
4 years
1885-01-16 + Anna Elisabeth Rauhut Reisen 15.jpgAnna Elisabeth Rauhut
Birth: calculated November 1884 29 28Neuguth, Reisen, Lissa (Lezno)
Death: January 16, 1885Neuguth, Reisen, Lissa (Lezno)
8 years
younger brother
1893-02-03 n Anton Max Rauhut Mutter Anna Maria Rauhut - Berlin.jpgAnton Max Rauhut
Birth: February 3, 1893 37 36Berlin, Berlin, Brandenburg
Death: October 18, 1894Berlin, Berlin, Brandenburg

Death1885-01-16 + Anna Elisabeth Rauhut Reisen 15.jpg
1885-01-16 + Anna Elisabeth Rauhut Reisen 15.jpg
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  1. Generation 1
    1. Anna Elisabeth Rauhut

      Anna Elisabeth Rauhut, daughter of Lorenz Bernhard Rauhut and Anna Rosina Thomas, was born calculated November 1884 in Neuguth, Reisen, Lissa (Lezno) and died on January 16, 1885 in Neuguth, Reisen, Lissa (Lezno).