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Johann George Friedrich NeumannAge: 42 days18391839

Johann George Friedrich Neumann
Given names
Johann George Friedrich
Birth February 1, 1839 42 35
Death March 15, 1839 (Age 42 days) Age: 1 Monat und 15 Tage
Address: Evang. Schmiegel No. 10/1839
Cause of death: Krämpfe
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Marriage: November 18, 1827Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen, PREUSSEN
6 years
elder brother
Johann Gottfried Neumann
Birth: May 21, 1833 36 30Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
Death: June 14, 1833Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
6 years
Johann George Friedrich Neumann
Birth: February 1, 1839 42 35Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
Death: March 15, 1839Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
19 months
younger brother
Johann Gottfried Neumann
Birth: September 12, 1840 43 37Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
Death: September 22, 1840Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen

  1. Generation 1
    1. Johann George Friedrich Neumann, son of Johann Gottfried Neumann and Christina Fliegner, was born on February 1, 1839 in Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen and died on March 15, 1839 in Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen at the age of 42 days.