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1840-05-26 n Caroline Charlotte Rauhutt Schmiegel 247.jpg

Caroline Charlotte RauhuttAge: 20 months18401842

Caroline Charlotte Rauhutt
Given names
Caroline Charlotte
Birth May 26, 1840 38 39
Christening May 28, 1840 (Age 2 days)
Address: Quelle: Evang.-Luth. Kirche Schmiegel No.50/1840
Death April 18, 1841 (Age 10 months)
Death of a brotherErnst Gotthelf Rauhutt
June 29, 1841 (Age 13 months)
Death of a brotherJohann Friedrich Rauhutt
July 2, 1841 (Age 13 months)
Death February 1, 1842 (Age 20 months)

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: September 9, 1829Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen, PREUSSEN
3 months
elder brother
1829-11-23 n Johanna Carolina Rauhutt Kawczyn-Schmiegel 061.jpgCarl Gottfried Rauhut
Birth: November 26, 1829 27 28Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
Death: February 11, 1830Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
2 years
elder brother
21 months
elder brother
1833-09-01 n Anna Eleonore Neumann Robaczyn-Schmiegel 114.jpgJohann Friedrich Rauhutt
Birth: September 8, 1833 31 32Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
Death: July 2, 1841Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
2 years
elder brother
1836-01-17 n Ernst Gotthelf Rauhutt Schmiegel 161.jpgErnst Gotthelf Rauhutt
Birth: January 17, 1836 33 35Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
Death: June 29, 1841Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
2 years
elder sister
1838-02-23 n Johanna Renata Rauhutt Schmiegel 203.jpgJohanna Renata Rauhutt
Birth: February 23, 1838 35 37Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
Death: October 1, 1838Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen
2 years
21 months
younger brother
Mother’s family with Daniel Meyer - View this family
Marriage: September 15, 1825Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen, PREUSSEN
Mother’s family with Benjamin August Jander - View this family
Benjamin August Jander
Birth: January 5, 1803 (Nivose 15, XI)Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen, PREUSSEN
Death: October 26, 1828Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen, PREUSSEN
Marriage: October 22, 1827Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen, PREUSSEN

Birth1840-05-26 n Caroline Charlotte Rauhutt Schmiegel 247.jpg
1840-05-26 n Caroline Charlotte Rauhutt Schmiegel 247.jpg
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  1. Generation 1
    1. Caroline Charlotte Rauhutt

      Caroline Charlotte Rauhutt, daughter of Johann Gottfried Rauhutt and Renata Dorothea Grade, was born on May 26, 1840 in Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen and died on February 1, 1842 at the age of 20 months.