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1755-02-17 + Jeanne Mopillier Tiffauges 83-310.jpg

Jeanne MaupillierAge: 23 years17321755

Jeanne Maupillier
Given names
Christening calculated 1732

Historical Event
The French & Indian War
between 1754 and 1763 (Age 22 years)

Note: The French and Indian War is the American name for the North American theater of the Seven Years War, fought primarily between the colonies of British America and New France - http://goo.gl/SiIuNc
Burial February 17, 1755 (Age 23 years) Age: 23
Burial1755-02-17 + Jeanne Mopillier Tiffauges 83-310.jpg
1755-02-17 + Jeanne Mopillier Tiffauges 83-310.jpg
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  1. Generation 1
    1. Jeanne Maupillier

      Jeanne Maupillier was baptized calculated 1732 and was buried on February 17, 1755 in Notre Dame, Tiffauges, Vendée.