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Anna Christina RauhutAge: 6 months18261826

Anna Christina Rauhut
Given names
Anna Christina
Birth calculated March 1826 30
Death September 21, 1826 (Age 6 months)
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Marriage: February 29, 1816Santomischel (Zaniemysl), Schroda, Posen, PREUSSEN
10 years
1826-09-21 + Anna Christina Rauhut Santomischel.jpgAnna Christina Rauhut
Birth: calculated March 1826 30Santomischel (Zaniemysl), Schroda, Posen
Death: September 21, 1826Santomischel (Zaniemysl), Schroda, Posen

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  1. Generation 1
    1. Anna Christina Rauhut

      Anna Christina Rauhut, daughter of Samuel Gottlieb Rauhut and Anna Christina Klar, was born calculated March 1826 in Santomischel (Zaniemysl), Schroda, Posen and died on September 21, 1826 in Santomischel (Zaniemysl), Schroda, Posen.