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1791 + Johann Rauhut Schmiegel.jpg

Johann RauhutAge: 49 years17421791

Johann Rauhut
Given names
Birth calculated 1742

Schäfer in Bronke

Historical Event
The French & Indian War
between 1754 and 1763 (Age 12 years)

Note: The French and Indian War is the American name for the North American theater of the Seven Years War, fought primarily between the colonies of British America and New France - http://goo.gl/SiIuNc
Historical Event
Influenza Epidemic
between 1775 and 1776 (Age 33 years)

Note: In 1775, there was an epidemic of unknown cause in North America (especially New England,) followed in 1775-1776 by what is described as one of the worst worldwide influenza epidemics - http://goo.gl/2Xa2kO
Historical Event
The American Revolution
from 1775 to 1783 (Age 33 years)

Note: The Thirteen American Colonies broke from the British Empire and formed the independent nation, the United States of America - http://goo.gl/kvWJnX
1789-12-08 + Johann Georg Rauhut Schmiegel.jpg
1789-12-08 + Johann Georg Rauhut Schmiegel.jpg

Note: 1789-12-08 + Johann Georg Rauhut Schmiegel

Death 1791 (Age 49 years)
Burial 1791 (on the date of death) Age: 49

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Note: 1791 + Johann Rauhut Schmiegel
  1. Generation 1
    1. Johann Rauhut

      Johann Rauhut, schäfer in Bronke, was born calculated 1742 and died in 1791 in Schmiegel, Schmiegel (Śmigiel), Posen.