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Catharina RauhutAge: 2 years17801782

Catharina Rauhut
Given names
Birth 1780
Death of a brotherJohann Rauhut
December 31, 1781 (Age 23 months)
Historical Event
The American Revolution
from 1775 to 1783

Note: The Thirteen American Colonies broke from the British Empire and formed the independent nation, the United States of America - http://goo.gl/kvWJnX
1789-12-08 + Johann Georg Rauhut Schmiegel.jpg
1789-12-08 + Johann Georg Rauhut Schmiegel.jpg

Note: 1789-12-08 + Johann Georg Rauhut Schmiegel

Death May 11, 1782 (Age 2 years)

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Marriage: November 6, 1764Punitz (Poniec), Gostyn, Posen, PREUSSEN
9 years
elder brother
Johann Rauhut
Birth: April 1773Pawlowitz (Pawlowice), Lissa (Lezno), Posen
Death: December 31, 1781Punitz (Poniec), Gostyn, Posen
5 years
elder brother
2 years
3 years
younger sister

  1. Generation 1
    1. Catharina Rauhut, daughter of Gottfried Rauhut and Maria Froehlich, was born in 1780 in Pawlowitz (Pawlowice), Lissa (Lezno), Posen and died on May 11, 1782 at the age of 2.